Star Wars Prepositions

by - May 05, 2020

I am trying my hardest to keep these kids learning as we venture deeper into Distance Learning.  Sometimes, my lessons are huge flops.  Other times, together we soar.  This lesson on prepositions was one of those times we were flying high.

I began by creating an anchor chart with the students defining prepositions, prepositional phrases, and samples of some of the more common prepositions students will be using in their writing.   I had a fun little Star Wars themed page that I projected up onto the screen share, filling with prepositions to describe the characters in relation to each other.  (you can grab that here)   The copied these into their grammar journals and we were off to the fun part.

I then showed this clip from The New Hope, when the Tie Fighters are attacking the Millennium Falcon.  The kids LOVED that and got right into it!  Using this tutorial, I instructed kids to fold a paper Tie Fighter out of a piece of copy paper.  You would have thought I told them they had won the lottery.  Once the airplanes were created (which, for some, was a lesson in and of itself), the students were ready to fly them like the Galactic Empire.  Throwing the Tie Fighters around the room, the student needed to write a prepositional phrase describing where the plane had landed.

On the desk
Under the bed
Near my BB8 toy
Around the computer
In my hands
Below my dog's foot
Next to my' leg

This went on for 7 of the most glorious minutes the students have had to date in my Zooms.
When the time was over, we gathered together to share out some of the prepositional phrases that were written.  I allowed the students to write more on their Tie Fighters that applied.

We then headed off to Google Classroom, where they had to take a picture of their Tie Fighter, and write 5 sentences describing where their Tie Fighter landed.  The next step is to turn those sentences into a prepositional poem.  (Which I will come back and write about as soon as the kids are done with them :) )

All in all, this was a great way to get the kids up and moving, as well as interested in our Zoom lessons!  Have you done anything like this?  Tell me about it!goo

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